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11 Jun 2017
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The Brave new World of Internet Marketing May be Video Email


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Posted By Angela W.

Where the future of Internet marketing will go is something many people are talking about. One exciting development could be how video email may be uncharted territory that will soon be explored. With the possibility of web cams becoming common household tolls and the use of email being so explosive this is not far fetched at all. You do not have to go far to find plenty of theories being kicked around right now about how to make this happen.

Many marketers already include links in their emails that take people to a video. Taking it to the next level though only requires for the right software to be created. Experts tell us that it will not be an expensive thing either. The investment will be for the software. The email is already cheap when you have an opt in list.

What online users think of the use of video email has been studied by researchers. They found that that people love the idea. Respondents to surveys openly admit that they look at videos online quite frequently. It is a fun thing to do online that most people are willing to use often. Not having to read so much data when this of communication is used is popular with consumers.

Video links do very well online for conversion rates. Therefore many believe that video email will only help to increase those conversion rates for the future. The use of senses on a higher level is also part of why this appeals to consumers. It makes the experience one that is going to affect them on an emotional level.

While video email is still on the horizon you can expect it will not be long before you see it in use on a daily basis. Videos have certainly transformed the way people do business online. This is just one more innovative idea that will link business owners that are online to the vast number of consumers that are already in cyberspace.

Comments (5)

By Luther L. on JUN 13 2017 @ 2:08PM

Not sure if I've ever seen videos actually embedded in emails before, but that sounds good.

By Patrick C. on JUN 13 2017 @ 7:01AM

Any kind of email marketing is a good tool to have in your strategy.

By Courtney W. on JUN 12 2017 @ 7:08PM

Wouldn't this take up a lot of memory, and/or bandwidth if you have large email lists?

By Delores M. on JUN 12 2017 @ 3:05PM

I have to say that it really bothers me how like every website now plays videos without you even clicking on anything. It's just not what I want.

By Ida S. on JUN 12 2017 @ 9:10AM

Video anything is really the most effective thing that's out there.

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