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11 May 2017
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Risks Related to Business Owners Insurance


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Posted By Ebony G.

Apart from a lawyer and an accountant, another professional that should be incorporated in the process of the constitution of a new business is an insurance agent in order to be in charge of all the needs related to insurance. Business Owners Insurance helps protect your business is many aspects and is a comprehensive policy for business owners.

Within the market, there is a wide range of offers related to insurance policies, and among these, there are some which are especially designed to grant the coverage to small size enterprises in order to satisfy all their needs. The policies are not only indispensable for the business owner, but also for his possible commercial relationships, since in case that he needs to rent the offices, the owner of the property should need to present a certification or insurance that demonstrates that the company will not disappear at the moment of a disaster.

Some of the risks that the insurance should cover include damages to the material goods (table, chairs, equipment, etc) as well as the building. Another risk is the civil liability that gives coverage to third parties for personal injuries and prejudice for publicity, legal responsibility for fire that is commonly necessary if they would like to rent the property. This will provide the client with coverage in case the neglect leads to damages or losses that affect the goods of the lessor. Other common risks that need to be taken into account are the ones related to the products and the completed operations. The coverage should include all medical and health expenses that may be involved, as well as general liability for the installations.

If the business has hired employees, the labour insurance against accidents is obligatory. Generally, the needs of an enterprise that is starting its operations can be covered by the state compensation fund. In case the enterprise grows, it would be able to explore the market and search for better prices for this coverage. On the other hand, some labour accidents insurers offer additional services like management of risks and losses control, additional services that could be profitable for the business.

These services are usually useful since they reduce the costs of disasters in the long term. It is important to remark that the management of accidents is not the responsibility of the same, and the insurance company will the one to assume all the risks under the work insurance against accidents.

Comments (6)

By Myra C. on MAY 15 2017 @ 2:02PM

Is there a minimum deductible for theft and shrinkage? Or is it a cost you just have to eat?

By Cecilia R. on MAY 14 2017 @ 12:13PM

Insurance is a really important part of any risk management strategy.

By Deanna S. on MAY 14 2017 @ 11:12AM

There is a difference between everyday wear and tear and damange though.

By Cornelius J. on MAY 13 2017 @ 8:14PM

Don't forget about workers comp.

By George F. on MAY 13 2017 @ 6:05PM

I'm really glad that I live in the western region of the US, I don't have to worry about any kind of natural disasters which just seem to be getting more and more frequent with every year that goes by.

By Ingrid J. on MAY 12 2017 @ 7:01AM

As with any insurance, you may assume you're covered for certain situations only to find out that you're not, or undercovered when something actually happens.

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