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5 Jun 2017
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Personalized School Supplies Put the Fun Back in Functional


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Posted By Gwen L.

Having personalized school supplies like personalized backpacks, pencils or notebooks makes going to school more fun. In the world of school, your kids could use more a bit more fun in whatever form it comes. As you prep for the back-to-school supplies shopping trip, think about putting the fun back in functional by using personalized school supplies.

Here are some ideas on how personalized swag makes school life a little more enjoyable:

• By getting them personalized supplies, they will be able to develop their sense of ownership as to their school supplies and other items. Sure, a pencil is a pencil. But when said pencil bears the name of its owner, it has a lot more meaning. Understanding ownership is an essential life skill to obtain and by purchasing personalized supplies, they will be able to develop it well.

• Personalized supplies guard against carelessness and loss. When adjusting to the back to school frenzy, let alone all the new stuff she has to keep track of, personalized items will help maintain order and decorum.

• A child has a greater appreciation and sense of pride when his or her school supplies are personalized. Put yourself in his shoes for a minute. Going back to school is a big deal. Throwing in a notebook with his name on it helps make the way a bit smoother as the child looks forward to the crisp newness of an item with his name on it.

• If by chance they do lose a backpack or notebook, the odds of them being returned because they're personalized is a lot higher. In a class of twenty students, there are only so many students with the name "Matthew."

There are lots of options when it comes to personalizing their supplies. You may not feel the need to buy personalized everything, but it can't hurt to find a few personalized items to spruce up the school supply list. Here are a few functional items that deserve some personalized fun:

• Personalized backpacks
• Personalized book bags
• Personalized totes
• Personalized pens and pencils
• Personalized pencil holders
• Personalized note cards
• Personalized stationery
• Personalized binders and notebooks
• Personalized lunchboxes
• Personalized USB drives
• Personalized stickers to put on anything else that's not already personalized

Everyone has yellow No.2 pencils and plain backpacks and it's so boring. Enter the realm of personalized swag, and you'll swear never to go back. Getting personalized school supplies isn't a dreaded task. In fact, as you fight to place the fun back into functional, you may just discover that you're the one having all the fun! Functional is fine and good, but it's high time that we italicize the fun in functional. See if you don't have a lot of fun while you're doing the back to school shopping this year.

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By Wilma W. on JUN 9 2017 @ 3:12PM

You can add names to things in a way that's not embarrasing too. Think cool fonts or placing the name in a way that adds to the style.

By Randall C. on JUN 9 2017 @ 8:14AM

My dad used to have me carve a layer off the bottom of my pencil and write my name on it.

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