The perfect workout routine is one which combines strength training and some type of cardio. The problem is, most individuals hate doing cardio and will create any excuse not to do it. A popular excuse isn't having enough time. This article, however, will demonstrate how you can spend just twenty minutes on a cardio workout and still reap the benefits.

So to start with, why is it needed that you add cardio to your workouts? The majority of individuals understand the benefits of strength training simply because it gives muscle and muscle makes you healthier, more lean and stronger overall.

But what are the benefits of cardio? Here's a short list which names just a few:

- it assists decrease stress - it burns calories which leads to weight loss - it makes your heart and lungs stronger - it decreases your risk of certain diseases - it decreases depression and boosts confidence - it provides you with more energy and helps you sleep better

In summary , including cardio to your workout enhances your health and well-being which results in a better quality of life. Combine this with strength training and you're on your way to feeling great, quick.

So how can you reap the benefits of cardio in only 20 minutes per workout? It is known as Interval Training and it could be applied to a variety of forms of cardio such as boxing, running and biking.

The concept in a nutshell is shorter workouts, but higher intensity. This is accomplished by pushing hard for say 2 minutes and then slowing down for 2 minutes. If you repeat this cycle 4 more times then you have your twenty minutes. You could also do one minute hard, one minute easy and then repeat this 9 more times.

Here is an example:

Interval training is perfect for running. If you're working out on a treadmill or running outdoors, it is the same routine. Begin with a warm up jog then 2 minutes of a challenging pace. This won't be your all out because you need to maintain it for two minutes, but a pace that will be very hard for you. You then follow this with two minutes of either a walk ora very slow jog. Repeat 4 more times and you have got yourself an effective cardio workout in only 20 minutes.

This concept can be applied to a lot of forms of cardio: two minutes hard, 2 minutes easy, repeat four more times. Or 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy, repeat nine more times.

You'll get your blood flowing, your heart pumping and reap all the benefits cardio has to offer...all in just 20 minutes.